Whether you need a tent for relaxing in at the campsite or trekking the Himalayas we have a great range of tents to suit all your needs and budget. The tents in this section have been broken down in to their types and uses so you can easily find what you are looking for.

Backpacking TentsPop Up TentsAirBeam Tents
Family TentsD of E TentsFestival Tents
Toilet TentsEvent SheltersChoosing The Right Tent

Backpacking Tents

Lightweight tents built for touring and backpacking, featuring lightweight fabrics and poles in a small package.

Pop Up Tents

Pop up tents are super easy and quick to pitch by literally throwing in to the air and letting them expand needing only the guylines to pegged out and your done. Pop up tents are great for couples who don't want to waste precious holiday time pitching a their tent.

Inflatable Tents

AirBeam, FastPitch Air and Smart Air are all types of inflatable tents that massively simplify and speed up the pitching time of larger tents. These tents pitch all as one and generally feature spacious living areas and multiple bedrooms. The beams themselves are a tried and tested advancement over fibreglass and steel poles and offer fantastic stability and durability without the weight and brittleness.

Family Tents

Our family tents provide ample living and sleeping space for families of all sizes with the larger tents featuring multiple bedrooms and, in some instances, multiple living spaces.

D of E Tents

A great range of lightweight tents for those undertaking the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme or Ten Tors.

Festival Tents
A great range of cheaper tents that will stand up to the rigours of a good festival.

Toilet Tents

Small form tents perfectly formed to house a camping toilet and pack away small enough as to not take up much room when travelling.

Event Shelters

These tents are perfect to provide additional sheltered space when camping or in the garden. Additional walls and windows can be added to cater for different uses if needed.

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