Lib Tech's snowboard designs are most definitely one of the most recognisable one the slopes. Their eye catching graphics are backed up by unique technologies pioneered by their own experiMENTAL Division that hand builds new shapes and continually pushes snowboard design ever forward. Banana Tech Rocker and Magne-Traction took the snowboarding fraternity by storm and placed Lib Tech as one of the worlds leading board manufacturers and secured top riders such as Travis Rice and Jamie Lynn.

Magne Traction: Lib Tech snowboards feature a serrated edge that provides seven points of focused edge control. Compared to standard edges this creates other worldly edge control on all surfaces and in all conditions.

Rocker / Camber Hybrid Contours


BTX: Lib Tech's revolutionary rocker/camber combination with rocker between the feet and flat to mild camber to contact points with mild tip pressure that provides great float and jibbing. Solid pressure between your feet ensures easy turning and grip on ice.

Lib-Tech-EC2-Rocker-Camber EC2: One board quiver blending BTX and C2 rockers/cambers providing stability with it's medium tip and tail pressure while retaining loads of pop. Medium pressure between the feet allows float and great carving.
Lib-Tech-C2-Rocker-Camber C2: The camber/rocker hybrid for aggressive boarders with plenty of power and pop supplied by solid tip and tail pressure and medium pressure between the feet for great float and edge hold when carving.
Lib-Tech-XC2-Rocker-Camber XC2: Shorter, aggressive rocker with more camber underfoot provides excellent control and precision while extra solid tip and tail pressure gives power and pop.
Lib-Tech-C3-Rocker-Camber C3: The world's best camber, favoured by Jamie Lynn, features mild pressure between the feet and maximum pressure in the tip and tail giving the rider precise control, power stability and pop.
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