Bolle was first formed in a small town in rural France as far back as 1888 making combs and hair ornaments. It wasn't until the end of the second World War that they developed, and ultimately led the way in molding nylon. Starting with safety glasses and goggles, Bolle soon began marketing ski specific goggles which transformed the relatively small business in to a global company.

Bolle is now one of the largest sports optics manufacturers with many top skiiers and snowboarders on their team. They continually develop new lens types including modulator lenses that lighten and darken according to brightness and frame technologies that prevent misting and offer greater comfort. Their latest and increasingly popular creation is the merging of helmet and goggle to create a seamless system of protection against the elements.

We offer an extensive range of Bolle ski goggles in a vast array of lens types and frames including O.T.G frames for glass wearers and O.T.H frames for use over a helmet.
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