Salomon are one of the leading ski manufacturers and have a long and distinguished history in being at the forefront of new and innovative ski technologies. It was Salomon after all who introduced the first successful twin tip ski, the '1080' in 1998. Salomon continues to invest heavily in research and development and provides a truly eclectic range that caters for all disciplines of skier.

The Q-line skis offer all mountain performance with their added float for the backcountry and utility rocker for carving prowess and stability. The X-drive skis offer a similar all mountain experience but the all terrain rocker provides superior full length contact on harder snow for strong edge grip when on piste. Then there's the BBR that's all about the powder, the trade mark wide nose and unique shape built to glide and carve. The X-Max is the polar opposite of the BBR, built for speed and endurance on piste.

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